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We offer a level of customer service that is unmatched by our competition. Do you need same day service, often in 4 hour or less for onsite service, did you say emergencies no problem we got you covered. Your are guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Call today.

We offer the in-store and onsite computer repair services that you need to get your desktop or laptop running again. We are the top rated computer repair  shops in South Jersey offering fast and reliable computer repair services within 24 -48 hours. You can trust us to complete your computer repairs to your satisfaction fast.

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Isn't it nice to know that there is a company right around the corner that can provide you with all your computing needs! Marlton Computers offers new and pre-owned computer systems for sale. We can also custom build a computer to suit your specific computing needs.  We also have printers, monitors, battery back-up's, replacement power cords and batteries for laptops too!

Although we have plenty of desktop computers in stock, sometimes they don't match up to what your PC work requirement is; Business, Graphics, Video, Gaming, Database, Servers - we have the experience to build one to suit your need.  We offer consulting so you can determine if a new system is all you need or if a custom built system is the way for you!



Marlton Computers offers consultation as well as suggestions for your small business "home" based business. We can assist you on all your networking needs by networking the customers personal computers and business computers in order to share resources such as printers, files, CD-ROMs, and Internet access via routers, hubs. We provide you with solutions for internet base business and website hosting needs.

We have developed comprehensive, in-depth professional expertise in the Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, 2003, 2008, Exchange 2003, Exchange 2008, Citrix, Virtualization, and a variety of other network operating systems. With our on-staff Network Engineers, System Technicians, and Software Specialists, you can be confident that we can assist you with any system connectivity and stand-alone computer needs.



With data being so important isn't it nice to know that Marlton Computers can scan and diagnosis your computer for Viruses and Trojans - and remove viruses from computer systems.  We can also insure that your PC - Desktop or Laptop goes back to you with all the virus protection tools that you need in order to stay protected.

No matter what your computer needs are, we offer Consulting! Is your computer running slow, or not working right? Virus, Trojan? Hardware failure, need data recovery? Need a computer upgrade? Or just assistance in installing software?  We have the ability to troubleshoot any make or model desktop computer or laptop computer!

Marlton Computers can be your IT department for your home based business, small business or large company.  From setting up a server, networking the PC's, developing a data storage & back up plan that keeps your data up to date - to a recovery plan that can prevent your business from losing thousands. We can build your PC's to suit your business needs and all the printers in your office.

From hardware, to data - we can install your software on one PC or the entire network - we can build a scalable database application specifically designed for your company. Marlton Computers also can provide you with professional website design and development, and can build custom website applications. From photo galleries, to product inventory, we also cover e-commerce. We can provide hosting and set up email!


Whether you own an individual PC, a home network or a full business network, no matter what the size, it's the data that is integral to our everyday operations.  We offer data storage solutions and can recommenced the right solution for you based upon your individual or business computing needs.  Marlton Computers can assist you in setting up a data backup plan, and can setup the hardware and software you'll need in order to keep your data safe!

In the event your network of PC system incurs a crash, contact us immediately, if we have a plan in place for you already, you'll be back up an running in no time. If data recovery services is required, it may take longer and without the backup plan in place you may not be able to recover all your data! Call us today to discuss your data storage, data backup and data recovery. You don't want to find out when it is too late!



With varying trends in different industries, it is key that we take a modern and efficient approach in designing your site. Databases, update-able blogs, interactive sideshows, calendars, custom widgets,  and even personalized navigation bars are all features that have boosted the potential of many client's sites.


It is vital to recognize the necessity in having a powerful presence on the Internet.  Why lose out on business for having a poor or no Internet campaign? Where do you start? At Marlton Computers we partner with Total Web Company to do a full evaluation of your business and industry to see what steps are necessary to take your business to the next level and thrive online.


Marlton Computers offers drop off of any electronic for Recycling.  We offer eco-friendly computer and electronics recycling. Dedicated to preserving our environment, we work with other like-minded businesses, schools and organizations to provide safe, e-waste recycling services in New Jersey.  Call today if you need help with the recycling process.



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